Caroline Kyungae Smith

Case Studies


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 Lead Design Strategist


I was part of the Center of Excellence, helping the organization’s Global Digital Transformation. I oversaw the German and UK markets. I drove alignment and buy-in from senior leadership for a more patient-focused user experience strategy. I developed a Research and Testing operating model and coached teams on the new ways of working. I also facilitated workshops to help teams identify strategic interventions and prioritize their Project Roadmaps and Backlogs, ultimately leading them into their first Design Sprint. Finally, I worked with HR and Compliance to hire new talent and vendors.

Venture Designer


I launched the first product innovation lab for Vodafone Germany. I worked directly with the Chief Digital Officer and led workshops with senior management to design the lab’s business operations and performance metrics. In 2018, leadership asked me to support the organisation’s larger Digital Transformation within the Digital and Marketing business units.



Senior Product Designer


I conducted user and market research in the US, UK and DE in order to re-design the Business Center, a digital tool for restaurant managers.

Strategy & Design Consultant


Drove digital strategy and business innovation for an array of clients spanning government agencies to Fortune 500 firms in the US. Deliverables include:

- Proof of Concepts for digital products
- Omnichannel Customer Experience strategies
- Digital campaigns